“Oana's panpipe vibrates, touching perfection“

Tudor Jarda - Romanian composer, 2002

“If Mozart had lived, he would have certainly written music for the panpipe after listening to Oana Lianu, The Queen of the Panpipe“

Prof.Univ.Dr.Valentin Timaru-Romanian composer, 1998

“In love with Romanian folklore, an artist of great value as an instrumentalist, Oana Lianu perceives the music at a deep level, placing herself inside this folklore..“

Prof.Univ.Dr. Constantin Ripa-Romanian composer, 1997

“The artist Oana Lianu has reached her purpose: to make people happy“

Ethnology researcher, prof.Ion Lianu, 1996

“Desi propune un cadru diferit de cel în care au fost create, prelucrarea culta si interpretarea artistica a colindelor în concertul distinsei Oana Lianu nu afecteaza puritatea lor si nici nu anuleaza sensul obisnuit al colindatului...“

Teoctist, Patriarhul Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane, 2000

“To our great star, our beloved Oana, praying her to play on her magic panpipe a song of longing, of love, of melancholy or joy, meant to make us better“

Prof. Laurentiu Hodorog, Founder of The Romanian ensemble Martisorul, 2003

“To the genius Oana Lianu, unrivalled artist, a virtuoso of a great talent and artistic refinement, maybe the greatest interpret on the Romanian stage since Gheorghe Zamfir“

Miron Blaga - poet and journalist, 2001

“When Oana was born, God had once again a moment of inspiration.“

Eugen Teglas, journalist, 1992

“Oana Lianu, the incomparable, the magnificent artist of the panpipe“

Sabina Maduta, poetress, 1995

“The young Oana, extraordinary with her panpipe, with an unusual artistic sense, performs real witchcraft“

The journal El Norte de Castilla, Spania, 1992

“Primadonna of the Festiva“

Izegem, Belgia, 1994

“Oana Lianu - The Princess of Panpipe“

The journal Le Provencal, Martigues, Franta

“Oana Lianu - Even the God Pan cannot escape her magic“

The journal Le Provencal, Martigues, Franta

“The child prodigy of the Panpipe“

Vitrolles, Franta