Oana Lianu was born on March 7, 1976, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a loving family devoted to music. Her father, Ion Lianu, is one of the most endowed and well known artists of wind instruments (taragot, pipe, long pipe, bagpipe, ocarina, Jew’s harp), trained in the Romanian National Ensemble Mărţişorul led by Dumitru Fărcaş. Her mother, Doina, also sang as a student on the same Romanian folklore festival stages as this ensemble, where she was to meet her future husband.

Thus, the future Princess of Panpipe had a very favorable environment for the development of the artistic skills she showed early on. At the age of 6 Oana started taking piano lessons and 8 years later she graduated the Music School in Zalău, after being awarded every year the First Prize. At the age of 13 God interfered decisively in the musical destiny of the little artist. Oana had surgery to her right forefinger. The end of such a short piano career was in fact the beginning of another, very successful one, playing the panpipe. This brilliant idea was her father’s, who thought the panpipe was a no-fingering instrument, and thus the study of the new instrument started.

Since 1991 Oana has been a member of the Folclorica orchestra, an instrumental group conducted by her father, where she enjoyed her first successes, both in Romania and abroad, which resulted in her being called “the child prodigy of the panpipe” (France, 1991) and one year later, “The Princess of Panpipe”(France). In 1994 Oana graduated secondary school with excellent knowledge in French, English and German. In the meantime she also took the courses of the Art School in Zalău, from which she graduated with a 10 grade, and she prepared for her entrance examination to the Music Academy. These are the years when our artist began to thoroughly study classical music for the panpipe, as well as other types of music.

Her father, professor Ion Lianu teaches her the art of other blowing wind instruments, such as pipe, Romanian long pipe, bagpipe, Jew’s harp, tilinca, ocarina, instruments that Oana presents everywhere she performs. The same year, Oana Lianu became a student at the “George Dima” Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, the department of Music Pedagogy, and was immediately noticed by her professors. It was especially for her that the Academic Senate set up the Folklore module for the panpipe.

Oana Lianu’s great merit is to have taught herself  to play the panpipe. Oana continued giving concerts on the greatest stages in Romania and Europe, playing both Romanian folklore and classical music. Like her father 20 years before, Oana Lianu became a member of the great ensemble Mărţişorul, led by Maestro Dumitru Fărcaş. She excelled in numerous festivals and contests, she appeared on TV and radio shows, etc. Professor Valentin Timaru, PhD, from the “George Dima” Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, once remarked: “Oana is one of the best students I have ever had, and she is also a genius of the panpipe.”  In 1999, her graduation year, the Senate of the Music Academy awarded her one of The George Dima Anniversary Medals to mark 150 years from the birth of the great Romanian composer, conductor and professor. Oana’s BA paper, “Modal and Rhythmical Characteristics of the Dance Invârtita rară from Sălaj county”, was awarded grade 10.

In October of the same year, Oana Lianu started her impressive university career, becoming a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Music Pedagogy, the field of Folklore, at the Music Faculty of University of Oradea. 2000 brought to the artist a collaboration as a musical director at the Puppets and Marionettes Theatre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In the meantime she was invited to give concerts for the Romanian communities in this country. She was a guest of honour of the Universities in Reims and Stuttgart, and gave concerts at their ceremonies. She gave an extraordinary concert in the Royal Cathedral in Brussels, Belgium, where the first ballet dancer of Royal Opera in Brussels, Yara  Küpper, danced to the Romanian airs played by Oana.  In 2001, Oana Lianu became a PhD student in the Department of Musicology of the “George Dima” Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca. She continued her European concert tour and in March she was invited as an artist but also to give a presentation at the World Folklore Conference “Sentiments doux-amers dans les musiques du monde” in Brussels, Belgium. The artist presented her paper “The ‘Dor’ feeling in the Romanian song „Doina”, perfectly illustrated live with her panpipe. In March Oana performed “Sinfonia da Requiem”, composed by Professor Valentin Timaru, with the Transylvania Philharmonic Orchestra of Cluj-Napoca, conducted by George Costin. At the end of the year, the culture magazine Crisana Plus in Oradea began publishing a series of 9 articles about the panpipe written by the artist, which continued well into 2002.                                                        

In 2004 Oana Lianu crossed for the first time the European frontiers and spent three weeks giving concerts in Beijing, Huan Shan and Datong, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the People's China Republic; Oana plays also an extraordinary concert at the Romanian Embassy in Beijing, together with Orchestra Ciocarlia from Bucarest.

2005 was a year full of accomplishments, as Oana Lianu was awarded a PhD in Music (Summa cum laude), at the age of 29. Her dissertation “The Panpipe between Tradition and Modernism” was the first dissertation in the world to treat the panpipe under all its aspects, theoretical and practical, at the highest level. The artist conquered another continent, the American one, where she gave concerts as a special guest of the Embassy of Romania in Washington, and as well as in Wisconsin, Carpathian Arts Exhibition, Bush Art Center’s Goldschalx Gallery, St.Norbert College.

The following two years were very successful for Oana Lianu. In April she published two books: The Panpipe between Tradition and Modernism and Method for Panpipe, and in May she became Lecturer at the Music Faculty of University of Oradea, Department of Music Pedagogy, teaching in the fields of folklore and folk wind instruments, classical and Romanian folk music, panpipe. Oana Lianu also became Scientific Coordinator in Music license thesis. In 2006 Oana also started producing her own TV show on Romanian folklore at the local station TVS Oradea, promoting the Romanian folklore and the Romanians’ customs and traditions.

Since 2007 Oana Lianu is the conductor of the Music Faculty’s Folklore Ensemble, in fact the first female conductor of a folklore student orchestra in Romania; her students have great results at the Romanian national folklore festivals. In March the artist launched her book The Panpipe between Tradition and Modernism and her CD Oana Lianu – The Princess of the Panpipe, at the International Book and Music Fair in Braşov, Romania, where she was awarded Honorary Diploma for special quality and presentation. In June, Oana was Jury Chair at the national contest “Lotus Flower”, Oradea, Romania. A big event of 2007 took place in Nysa, Poland, where, at the invitation of the Ambassador of Romania to Warsaw, Poland, Oana Lianu gave concerts on the occasion of Romania’s accession to the European Union. The artist has one last important concert of this year at the General Consulate of Romania in Gyula, Hungary, on the occasion of Romanian National Day.                                                                                                                  

The impressive academic itinerary went on and Oana Lianu becomes Associate Professor Doctor at the Music Faculty University of Oradea. Her’s third book appeared in the summer of 2008, Romanian Musical Folklore, Part I; the book was launched at the International Book and Music Fair in Braşov, and Oana Lianu was awarded again Honorary Diploma by the Cultural Society Libris Cultural Braşov. Anyway, her books and publications dedicated to Romanian music and instruments forms ones of the most important teaching materials as aids to the knowledge of Romanian folklore and traditional culture. This period was very prolific in her musical activity, as Oana had made a great Romanian promotion: The cultural week La cultura ci unisce, Trento, Italy; The European Football Champiobship, Bern, Switzerland; The International Day of French-Speaking Countries, Seul, South Korea; The Romanian Embassy in Warshaw, Poland; The International Tourism Fair, Nantes, France (where Romania obtains the Golden Trophy).

Since 2009 until november 2010 Oana Lianu is Head of Music Pedagogy Department, Music Faculty of University of Oradea . The artist is an honour guest at the International Book and Music Fair in Braşov where she is awarded again with an Honoray diploma, and three months later she takes part at the International project A day in Transylvania, granted by the the Cultural Society Libris Cultural Braşov in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute; in this period appears Oana’s first  video clip Oana Lianu – The Princess of Panpipe, produced by Libris Society.

In September Oana Lianu performs at the International Festival Cerbul de Aur (Golden Stag Festival) in Braşov, Romania, and one month later the artist promotes Bihor county and Romania at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, by giving there an extraordinary concert. Oana Lianu was also a special guest of The International Bookfair Gaudeamus  in Bucarest. Oana Lianu performs an extraordinay concert in March 2010, at the Palace of Godollo, Hungary, at the International Day of Francophonie and she’s awarded, once again, with an Honoray diploma at the International Book and Music Fair in Braşov. In July the artist is invited in Olbia, Italy, to the first edition of the International cultural event Romania, mon amour, held under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy in Italy, where she was awarded the Diploma Eccellenza for a brilliant carrier. In november Oana Lianu promoted again Romania in an extraordinary concert held at the Counsil of Europe in Brussesle, Belgium.

2011 comes with the 5th of Oana Lianu, Just love, a new gendre, jazz-cafe, voice and panpipe. 2011 comes with the 5th album of Oana Lianu, Just love, a new gendre, jazz-cafe, voice and panpipe. Now is the time when the artist makes a sensational discovery, her own voice. The result was amazing and the artist’s musical destiny is changed once again. The very unique voice of Oana Lianu, covering over 3 octaves, has now become her main instrument, and the remarkable asset is her huge ease of performing  the most diverse musical genres – jazz-café, musical, Chansonettes, Italian canzonetta, Romanian folk music, Christmas carols. The sensational  combination of her voice with Panflute creates a formidable duo, together with all the other instruments that Oana Lianu skillfully masters: piano, pipes, Shepherd pipe, ocarina, Jew's harp, bagpipes. Voice, instruments, musical genres, all these have led Oana Lianu to a One woman-show, being absolutely a special Diva in the whole world. In October the artist supports The Foundation for Education, Culture and health Renaşterea, against the breats cancer, by performing a great concert at The Palace of Justice in Bucarest, and she is awarded The Diploma of Gratitude. Oana Lianu receives, as a sign of high respect and appreciation The Certificate of Excellence for 2012, at the Annual Academic Symposium "Mihai Eminescu" held at the Romanian Consulate in New York.  In June 2012 the artist performs at The Opening of World Cup Women's Judo in Bucharest, and in December she represents Romania in Italy, having two extraordinary concerts held on the occasion of The Romanian National Day in Milan and Trento. The year 2013 starts for the artist with another trophy, The Trophy of Excellence and Diploma of Excellence, awarded for her entire cultural activity by the Department for Culture Salaj, under the Romanian Ministry of Culture. In february Oana Lianu performs an extraordinary concert in Szeged, Hungary, on the occasion of The International Day of French-Speaking Countries, being invited by The Romanian Consulate and Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest.

                  In the spring of 2014, Oana Lianu realeases a new album, Forever, where her voice, the Panflute, the flutes, assembled to the international repertoire extremely varied, shows the unique style of the artist. Her voice’s inflections are unique, stunning, covering over three octaves, since then has become the main „instrument” and a remarkable asset is the ease with which the artist approaches the most diverse musical genres - jazz café, musical, chansonettes, Italian canzonetta, Romanian folklore and Christmas carols. The artist is also known as The Romanian Skylark. The unique association of her voice with flute, along with the other instruments that Oana Lianu masters skillfully: piano, flute, Bagpipe, ocarina, tilinca, Jew's harp, the variety of genres, all of these have led to the one woman-show, absolutely unique in worldwide. The artist is awarded also many diplomas.

                2015 starts for the artist with her participation as Cultural Ambassador of Romania at the International Fair in Vienna, Messe Wien, where she represents Romania, and in May she performs a new concert in Budapest Gojdu Yards. In academic plan, she coordinates successful the faculty’s folklore ensemble at the Festival Vivat Academia, University of Oradea.

               Among the concerts of 2016 held abroad, the highlights are four artistic events: two in Switzerland, charity concerts for supporting children, one at the BRECO development program Romania-Hungary, and one in Berlin, at the National Day of Romania. Dr. Oana Lianu is appreciated for the outstanding results obtained in his academic career, being awarded Diploma for special artistic creation in music, and also Certificate of participation at the 6th International Conference on the Science of Music - Excellence in Performance (ICSMEP) in Brasov.

In the gallery of extraordinary concerts of the 2017 are Musical convergencies - From classical music to jazz café and The Romanian Skylark, presented during the 4th edition of the International Conference Academic multidisciplinary social sciences and arts SGEM Vienna. Where Dr. Oana Lianu was awarded with a new degree in this high-level international academic conferences. Another concert abroad was in Gyula, Hungary. As conductor and coordinator of the Faculty of Arts Folk Ensemble, Oana Lianu has a very rich activity, supporting students with concerts at home and abroad.

          Remarkable personality, at the age of 41, the unique Oana Lianu continues a brilliant artistic career and an impressive academic one.



Contest Committees:

  • September 2013 – Member of Jury, The National Contest Tribute to the Romanian national values
  • May 2013 – President of Jury, The Intercounty Folklore Festival Mândru-i cântecu-n k, Oradea, Romania
  • December 2012 – Member of Jury, The National Festival of Christmas and New Year’s traditions That ancient tradition, Oradea, Romania
  • December 2012 – Member of Jury, the Romanian National folklore Contest Maria Lătăreţu, Târgu-Jiu, Romania
  • August 2012 – Member of Jury, The National Festival of Music for children Soul Star, Oradea, Romania
  • May 2012  – Member of Jury, The Intercounty Folklore Festival Mândru-i cântecu-n Bihor, Oradea, Romania
  • November 2011 – Member of Jury, the Romanian National folklore Contest Maria Lătăreţu, Târgu-Jiu, Romania
  • June 2011 – Member of Jury, the Romanian Intercounty folklore Contest “Mândru-i cântecu-n Bihor”, Oradea, Romania
  • November 2010 – Member of Jury, the Romanian National folklore Contest Maria Lătăreţu, Târgu-Jiu, Romania
  • November 2009 – Member of Jury, the Romanian National folklore Contest Maria Lătăreţu, Târgu-Jiu, Romania
  • October 2008 – Member of Jury, the Romanian National folklore Contest Maria Lătăreţu, Târgu-Jiu, Romania
  • June 2007 – Jury Chair, the National Folklore Contest, “Lotus Flower” Oradea, Romania

Personal recordings:

  • 1 DVD “Oana Lianu – The Princess of the Panpipe”
  • 1 CD of jazz-cafe music " Forfever"
  • 1CD of jazz-café music “Just love”
  • 1CD of classical music: “Classical Jewelry”
  • 1 CD of Romanian folklore: “Oana Lianu – The Princess of the Panpipe”
  • 1 CD of Romanian folklore “Transylvanian Songs”
  • 1CD of Romanian and international Christmas carols: “ Christmas Concert”

Audio recordings - in cooperation:

  • 1 CD  of  Christmas carols, Simona Boboia-soprano, Marian Boboia-baritone, String Quartet Varadinum, Marius Bulzan-percussion
  • 1 CD of contemporary music – “Sinfonia da Requiem – fragment”, The Romanian Radio Orchestra, conductor Ludovic Bacs
  • 1 CD of Christmas carols : “Song for holly night”, Oana Lianu-panpipe ; Simona Boboia-soprano, Marian Boboia-baritone, String quartet Varadinum, Marius Bulzan-percussion, 2008
  • 1 CD “Christmas carols and singers from  Ardeal”, 2008
  • 1 CD “Christmas carols and singers from  Ardeal”, 2008, vol. III
  • 1 CD “Christmas carols and singers from  Ardeal”, vol. IV
  • 1 DVD : Nu-s parale-n buzunare, Romanian comedy show, vocalist and instrumentalist Oana Lianu, together with the actor Sebastian Lupu from Queen Maria Theatre Oradea