Method for Panpipe vol. I

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METHOD FOR PANPIPE is a very useful material for anyone wishing to get into the panpipe’s mysteries, beginners or advanced. The method has as a main objective the harmonious blending of theoretical knowledge with practical work: the hygiene rules, lip technique, tongue technique, breathing technique and equipment noise emissions, training exercises for the sonorousness, developing of rhythm, etc., all these being followed by an extremely varied repertoire belonging to both classical music and Romanian folklore. All these practical problems are based on scientific theoretical explanations, helping and simplifying the same time the musician’s technical difficulties. The method is unique in the world, proposing another type of vibrato, the leading of air column, used by the great panpipe’s artist Oana Lianu, and not only the hand’s vibrato, used by other players. Together with The panpipe between tradition and modernism, The method for panpipe of Associate professor doctor Oana Lianu represents her doctoral thesis, appreciated Summa cum laude.