Price: 25 €

Remarkable  personality, musician, Doctor in Music Magna cum laude, Oana Lianu is one of the best cultural ambassador for Romania. Vocalist and instrumentalist of international notoriety, Oana Lianu offers in this album, FOREVER by OANA, her superlative's music sounds.

The artist selected a various best known  international repertory of jazz, café, classical and folklore works, musical, French chansonettes, Italian canzonettas, which she sings and plays in her unmistakable style.  

The artistic refinement of Oana’s unique amazing voice  – over 3 octaves – is fascinating combined with the exuberant virtuosity of the instruments that she excels: Panflute, different types of flutes, piano. One woman show, Oana Lianu creates magic in his concerts, being overcalled the Romanian Skylark, Princess of Panflute or Woman orchestra. All these, doubled by a exciting stage presence, confirmed Oana Lianu as one of the most unique world artist.