Maple Panpipe

Price: 500 €
Professional Maple Panpipe, 22-tubes, G1-G4 Ambitus, tunable, with cork stopper

The bowl is made in the following way: each tube has a soft cork stopper of approx. 20 mm long, rounded at both ends. The diameter of the cork stopper will of course vary depending on the inside diameter of the tube.  The tubes are open at both ends. The shorter the length of the tubes (from severe to acute), the lower the diameter of the tubes. The cork stopper is already inserted through the top of the tube; between the cork stopper and the specially constructed dwelling remains a space that allows the tube to be given. Granting is done using a metal rod or wood, much thicker at the upper end. To raise the sound, insert the stem through the bottom of the tube, and with the help of a hammer, move the cork stopper to the desired height. The same procedure is used to lower the sound, the rod being inserted with the thicker side through the top of the tube. Granting has the advantage that it is quick and easy to achieve, being the most effective at the moment.