Extraordinary concert Gojdu Yards Budapest 18 pm

Romanian musical convergencies
The Romanian Skylark

The Romanian musical voyage proposed by the artist leads us throughout all over Romania’s ethnological zones, where we can find the most known, appreciated, spectacular and unique folklore. Called The Princess of Panpipe, Oana Lianu belongs to a very select group of world artists that combines exceptionally the vocal unique interpretation (covering over 3 octaves) with the virtuosity of her instruments - Panpipe, pipe, Shepherd pipe, ocarina, Jew's harp, tilinca and piano, creating magic in her concerts. The addressed repertoire includes an emotional universe, waiting and waiting, a universe in which the public is invited to enter unconditionally, in order to discover the Romanian rythms and melodies’ particularities.




Forever by Oana Lianu

Toronto, 918 Bathurst St., Culture, Arts, Media and Education Centre

 August 11th 2018 7:00 pm