Extraordinar Jazzy-Cafe concert, 918 Bathurst, Toronto, St. 7:00 pm

Culture, Arts, Media & Education Centre


A Jazzy Café-Concert by OANA LIANU
Guest appearance: IONIC─é LIANU-POPA

The concert ”Forever” by Oana Lianu combines elements of café concert, jazz, classical, and folklore in a special musical experiment. The gifted artist compels us through music and rhythm to delve into the magic of "feeling".

Her unique panpipe sound blends seamlessly with her exceptional vocals, resulting in a perfect symbiosis. One is never quite sure where the flute ends and the voice takes over, thus becoming enthralled with this musical spell.

Once you step into the universe opened by Oana's music, you will discover emotional chords that vibrate in harmony. You will remain charmed by her unusual artistic refinement, unmatched virtuosity, and magnificent stage presence. Oana Lianu's performance will be one to preserve in your soul.


Recital extraordinar

Olimpiada Nationala de Biologie

Teatrul de Stat Regina Maria Oradea

21 Aprilie 5 pm